Syncphony Walkthrough (Getting started)

1. When you start the app, this is the main screen. You will need more than one device to get the most out of Syncphony. Pick the device which you want to be the Hub and touch the "Start Hub" icon. The Hub is the device which will actually play the music so plug this one into your speakers. 2. The next screen you will be taken to is the Hub configuration screen. Here you can enter a name for the Hub and change the icon. When you are ready, hit next. 3. Now you will be presented with the player selector screen. Currently Syncphony only supports Spotify and Local music but new players will be added soon! To enable Spotify touch the greyed out Spotify icon.
4. Enter your Spotify credentials and press "Log in". If you select "Save Password" then next time you will not need to enter your credentials. 5. Now you can see that Spotify is enabled. You can toggle the Spotify support on this screen. Press "Initialise Hub" to continue. 6. Now the Hub is on and ready to receive votes. You can search and vote for tracks on the Hub but the real benefit of Syncphony comes when you connect to the Hub from another device.

The Hub is now ready to go. Now lets connect another device...
You can slide a menu out from the left of the screen to access the different screens. It might be useful at this point to select the "Hub Info" screen. This is the Hub info screen. Here it is useful to take note of the Hub ID. Other devices will automatically discover the Hub in most situations but on some networks auto-discovery is not enabled so you will need to enter the Hub ID directly.
7. OK now grab another device and load Syncphony. At the main menu wait a few seconds and the Hub we started will appear... 8. After a few seconds you should see the icon of the Hub appear in the list as shown in this image. Once it appears, touch the icon to connect to the Hub. Once the Hub has been discovered (or connected to) once, it will be found almost immediately next time. On certain networks auto-discovery is not possible. If after a few seconds the Hub does not appear in the list, simple touch "Enter Hub ID" and enter the ID that can be found on the "Hub Info" screen on the Hub or any other device already connected.
9. Once you are connected to the Hub, the first screen you will see is the Search screen. Here you can search for Spotify tracks if enabled by the Hub or you can swipe to the right to vote for local tracks. 10. Here we have search for "xx" and you can see the results. 11. Scroll down and find a track that you want to play. Here we have touched the plus button next to the track called "Islands". When you do this the plus button will change to a minus button and the count will change from 0 to 1. Because this is the only track in the play queue it will immediately start playing on the Hub. It will then revert to a plus button with a 0 vote count and the font colour will change so show that it is currently playing.
12. Now vote for a few more track so we can look at the play queue. 13. Slide out the menu and select "Play Queue". This is how it looks on the connected device. Notice that the currently playing track has been readded to the bottom of the queue with 0 votes. The queue will continually cycle through unless playback is paused. 14. If you grab the hub again and go to the "Play Queue" you can see that the queue looks the same as the other device and the votes are the same but because the Hub has not voted, it is still shown plus buttons.
15. Moving back to the Search screen we will now look at local music. On this screen you can see tracks stored on any device connected to the Hub (including the Hub). Tracks which are local to the Hub will have a red line underneath them 16. The local tracks are displayed in a tree structure the top level of which can either be the artist or album. 17. In this image we have voted for a track that was not local to the Hub. As soon as we vote, that track will be pulled from the device where it is stored onto the Hub. Once it is on the Hub and it reaches the top of the play queue it will start playing.

We hope you enjoy using Syncphony. If you have any questions, feedback or just want to leave a message please email
18. On any of the connected devices (or the Hub) you can see what is currently playing on the "Player" screen. 19. If you slide out the menu at the bottom of the screen you can skip through or pause the currently playing track.