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What is Syncphony?

Syncphony is an app currently only available on Android. One phone or tablet is plugged is chosen to be the Hub. This device plays the music but can also vote and choose tracks to be played. Any other phone that is connected to the same WiFi network will automatically discover the Hub. Users can search either for tracks on Spotify or select a local track. Users vote for tracks that they want to hear played through the Hub and the play queue will automatically update on all devices to based on the vote counts.

Play Queue

The play queue show can be viewed on any connected device. It shows the current list of tracks in the order that the Hub will play them. On this screen you can vote for a track or remove your vote if you have already voted. As soon as either you vote, or another user votes on their phone, the play queue will reorder itself instantly.

What is a Hub?

The Hub is the phone or tablet that is chosen to play the music. Other devices will automatically discover any Hubs on the local network and can then vote for music tracks to be played.


Spotify is probably the most popular music streaming service with one of the largest libraries of music. Syncphony allows users to search for and vote Spotify tracks into the play queue. The Hub must log into a Spotify premium account to enable users to search for tracks but users are not required to have any Spotify account.

Local Music

If any users on connected to the Hub have music stored on their phone, any other user will be able to see their music. When a user votes for a local track, the Hub will pull that track from its owners device so that it can be played as soon as it reaches the top of the play queue.